I’m Rebecca and I love finding interesting and delicious things to cook!

I have always had an interest in cooking, and when I was a teenager I would sometimes make dinner for the family (no easy task, considering I’m one of five kids). I often ended up taking an hour or so longer than expected so we would end up eating at eight, but I enjoyed it anyway.

I also liked to bake bread, and would often do so in the middle of the night. My mother would come down in the morning and say how she thought she was smelling bread, but that couldn’t be right. Only… it was, because there was fresh bread in the morning!

Since then I have enjoyed finding new and exciting things to cook. I am especially interested in food that is common in other countries, and recipes that were developed many years ago. Often I find new flavors and techniques that I can incorporate into other recipes.

Now that I have this blog I’ll be posting all my favorite recipes. Some will be simple, while others will be a bit out there. I hope to present them in a way that is easy to follow since I think cooking delicious meals is something everyone should be able to enjoy!

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